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Sleep and Readiness

Four Reasons to Rent

Moves with you

Most soldiers have to move between bases. Moving around bulky items can be a pain. With Barracks Beds, you can pick up your subscription at your new base.

Better Performance

The science is abundantly clear: better sleep means better performance in training and in combat.

More Sustainable

Most bedding material purchased in college ends up in the landfill. We ensure all of our products are properly recycled.

Better Racking Out

Sleeping in a small, uncomfortable bed is just downright unpleasant. There's a reason 80% of our renters re-rent!

Recent studies done by the DoD found a high prevalence of insufficient sleep duration and poor sleep quality, as well as notable sleep-related daytime impairments, including daily experience of fatigue, which can compromise operational readiness and overall functioning. The science backs us up - a more comfortable (adult-sized) sleep environment helps combat some of these issues

Benefits of a Better Mattress

Two separate studies found that medium-firm mattresses like ours reduced clinically diagnosed back pain, shoulder pain, spine stiffness, and positively affected sleep quality. Furthermore, both found that even subjects with minor sleep disturbances benefited significantly in sleep quality and efficiency with medium-firm bedding systems.

The Effects of Sleep on Readiness

Researchers at the National Defense Research Institute found that sleep plays an important role in operational and mental readiness.

Sleep Quality over Quanity

Multiple studies have found that average sleep quality was better related to health, affect balance, satisfaction with life, and feelings of tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion than average sleep quantity. In addition, average sleep quality was better related to sleepiness than sleep quantity.